Charles Webster Leadbeater

Annie Besant in Sydney, 1922

   Charles Webster Leadbeater was a well-known clairvoyant and theosophist who dedicated his life to the dissemination of Theosophy. He left his position as a clergyman in the Church of England in 1884, travelling with Madame Helena Blavatsky to India to help her in her work for the Theosophical Society. He was accepted as a chela (disciple) by Mahatma K.H., one of HPB’s Adept-Teachers, in a letter (part two) written by him to the young Leadbeater while the latter was still in England.

   His investigations into the unseen dimensions of life have had a far-reaching influence on the contemporary world, one of them being the discovery of the young J. Krishnamurti on the Adyar beach in Madras, India, in 1909, who would later become one of the most respected and insightful spiritual teachers of the twentieth century.

   This website makes available aspects of CWL’s vast literary output as well as some biographical information, including the charges against him, his work for the Theosophical Society and the Liberal Catholic Church. Also included are a comprehensive list of his books, written over a period of several decades, plus a number of photographs, rare archival material and key testimonies, by those who knew and worked with him, about his life, his character and his helpfulness.

HPB and CWL ( Madame Blavatsky page)

Dr Besant honoured by Google India on 1 October 2015


“Google Celebrates Indian Self-Rule Advocate Annie Besant’s 168th Birthday. Besant made her mark as a social and political trailblazer.”

In the Time website we read: The Doodle drawn by Lydia Nichols depicts the celebrated advocate, born on Oct. 1, 1847, sitting in a chair holding a copy of New India. The Indian newspaper, which Besant bought in 1914, was where she published many of her calls for India’s independence, IBN reports.”


“India’s salvation depends on herself and her resident workers, not on the passing excitement that might be caused by lectures from me; and you, my brothers, are responsible for your own land. Ere long I hope to stand face to face with you, I, to whom India and the Indian people seem nearer than the nations to which by birth I belong. In heart I am one with you, and to you by my past I belong. Born last time under Western skies for work that needs to be done, I do not forget my true motherland, and my inner nature turns eastward ever with filial longing. When Karma opens the door, I will walk through it, and we will meet in the body as we can already meet in mind.”

                                                                                                   ANNIE BESANT, F.T.S.


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