With Dora van Gelder (R) and other girls at The Manor

Annie Besant, Sydney, 1922

CWL at a picnic of The Manor residents at Manly, Sydney, circa 1926. The photo includes, on the left side, Erling Roberts, Daisy Heyting, Hannie Vreede, Dick Balfour-Clarke, Lady Emily Lutyens, Mrs Kollerstrom, Mary Lutyens, Helen Knothe, Arthur van Gelder, and Monica Roberts. Those on the right side include, among others, Bishop Hounsfield, Dr Mary Rocke, Theodore St. John, Ruth Roberts, Muriel Beaufoy, David Dear, Lucius van Gelder, Edythe Kollerstrom and Colin Francis.

In Sydney, circa 1925.

With a group at Mackay’s residence, Sydney, 1922. The group includes, among others, C. Jinarajadasa, CWL, Annie Besant, J. Krishnamurti, J. Nityananda, A. P. Warrington, Dr Mary Rocke (CWL’s physician), Dorothy Jinarajadasa, J. J. van der Leeuw, Oscar Kollerstrom, Fritz Kunz and a number of CWL’s pupils.

A young CWL at Adyar, 1885

The Manor, in Mosman, Sydney, home of the theosophical community founded by CWL, in a 1925 photograph.

CWL in the USA, 1901

Some of CWL’s pupils, Sydney, 1920. Seated: Dora van Gelder, Hugh F. Noall and Daisy D. Heyting. Standing: Stephen W. Leigh, Oscar Kollerstrom, Walter Hesselman and Will J. Heyting.

A group in The Manor Garden, Sydney, 1925.Standing (L to R): Arthur and Lucius van Gelder, Helen Knothe, Mary Lutyens, Byron Casselberry, CWL, Ruth Roberts, Monica Roberts, Betty Lutyens, Walter Hassall and Harold Morton. Seated: Muriel Beaufoy, Irene White, Doris Gowlland, Edythe and Norna Kollerstrom and Esme White. In front: David Dear, Henri Aldag, Theodore St. John, Hannie Vreede, Colin Francis and Arthur Beaufoy.

Photo by Judith Fletcher, circa 1927.

C. Jinarajadasa, Sydney, circa 1919

CWL, Krishnaji, Nityananda, Jinarajadasa and another TS member, Taormina, Italy, circa 1912

Circa 1923

Dora van Gelder

Fritz Kunz,a close associate of CWL. He was the founder in the USA of Main Currents in Modern Thought, a journal that explored the interface between Science and the Ancient Wisdom.

The Rev. C. W. Leadbeater, England, circa 1882.

CWL in a photo of 1914

With a group in Sydney, 1925.Standing (L to R): Dr Mary Rocke, Mrs Mabel Mackay, L. W. Burt, Mrs Gertrude Kollerstrom, John Mackay. Seated: Violet Kathleen Maddox, Theodore St. John, CWL, Harold Morton, Bishop David Morton Tweedie. In front: Walter Hassall and Ruth Roberts.

CWL’s TS membership diploma.

Alfred Percy Sinnett

Seated: Major David Graham Pole, CWL, Annie Besant, B. P. Wadia and Jal Rustomji Aria at Adyar, 1913.  Among the other Indian members features a young N. Sri Ram seated on the floor (first from the left). He would become the fifth President of the Theosophical Society in 1953.

CWL (circa 1916)

Bishops Wedgwood, Leadbeater and Mazel, plus a furry friend, Sydney, 1917.

C. W. Leadbeater in 1902

CWL’s handwriting.

CWL in Sydney, circa 1916

CWL’s TS membership application.

Bishop Leadbeater’s ex-libris label. The Latin motto “Semper Paratus” means “Always Ready”

CWL, circa 1917.

CWL in Sydney, circa 1916

Bishop C. W. Leadbeater, Sydney, circa 1925

CWL at Adyar, India, circa 1931.

In Masonic attire.

Nagarjuna statue in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India, inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. (Photo by Pedro Oliveira) See comments by CWL about a manuscript by Nagarjuna here:


CWL in his room at The Manor, Sydney

CWL’s masonic and episcopal regalia on display during Requiem Eucharist, Perth, 4th March 1934

The Revd. Harold Morton celebrates the Requiem Eucharist for Bishop Leadbeater, Perth, 4th March 1934


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