With Dora van Gelder (R) and other girls at The Manor

Some of CWLs pupils, Sydney, 1920. Seated: Dora van Gelder, Hugh F. Noall and Daisy D. Heyting. Standing: Stephen W. Leigh, Oscar Kollerstrom, Walter Hesselman and Will J. Heyting.

CWL at a picnic of The Manor residents at Manly, Sydney, circa 1926. The photo includes, on the left side, Erling Roberts, Daisy Heyting, Hannie Vreede, Dick Balfour-Clarke, Lady Emily Lutyens, Mrs Kollerstrom, Mary Lutyens, Helen Knothe, Arthur van Gelder, and Monica Roberts. Those on the right side include, among others, Bishop Hounsfield, Dr Mary Rocke, Theodore St. John, Ruth Roberts, Muriel Beaufoy, David Dear, Lucius van Gelder, Edythe Kollerstrom and Colin Francis.

A Ravine in Tibet - from The Masters and the Path by CWL

The Crown Chakra - from the book The Chakras by CWL 

Forms created by music - from the book Thought Forms by Besant and Leadbeater

Annie Besant in Sydney, 1922

Josephine Ramson

At Taormina, Italy.

Alfred Percy Sinnett

Seated: Major David Graham Pole, CWL, Annie Besant, B. P. Wadia and Jal Rustomji Aria at Adyar, 1913.  Among the other Indian members features a young N. Sri Ram seated on the floor (first from the left). He would become the fifth President of the Theosophical Society in 1953.

Krishnaji and Dr Besant in Europe, circa 1927

CWL at the 1884 Convention at Adyar

CWL at the 1885 Convention at Adyar.

CWL with Brother Raja, Basil and members of the Dennis family in Chicago, including Robert Dennis (standing).

CWL as a young man.

The Manors young residents at a camping expedition.

Bishop Leadbeater in Sydney, circa 1926

The human aura - from Man Visible and Invisible by CWL

CWL as a young Curate of the Anglican Church in England, circa 1882.

The aura of an Adept - from the book Man Visible and Invisible by CWL

CWL in 1902

The Manor in the early 1920s

T. Subba Row, Bawajee and HPB

Col. Olcotts statue at Colombos central railway station

CWLs first flight (with Dick Clarke)

Col. Henry Steel Olcott

C. Jinarajadasa

The building in Ananda College, Colombo, name after CWL. He founded the Buddhist Academy in 1886, which became the nucleus of Ananda College.

Bishop James Ingall Wedgwood in his later years.

CWLs regalia, Episcopal and Masonic, Perth, 1934.

CWL in an outing with residents of The Manor, circa 1926.

Requiem Mass for CWL, Church of St. John the Divine, Perth, March 1934. The celebrant if the Rev. Harold Morton.

Photo by Judith Fletcher, Sydney, circa 1925

With Masonic attire.

From the book The Science of the Sacraments by Bishop Leadbeater

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