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                 A Path That Cannot be Sought

                 A Noite Escura da Alma

                 Altruism’s Inextinguishable Fire: Annie Besant’s Testimony

             At the Feet of the Master: Preparatory Studies

                 Animals and their Spiritual Qualities

                 Why Be a Member of the Theosophical Society?

                 Conversations with Buddhist Monks

                 Conversations with Radha Burnier

                 An Enduring Vision

                 Has Theosophy Become a Creed?

                 Krishnamurti and St. Paul

                 Life, Death and Transformation

                 Light on the Path: Paradoxes of the Mystical Life

                 The Mahatmas and the TS

                   Membership of the Theosophical Society

                 O Sofrimento do Tibete

                 The Powers Latent in the Human Being

                 Practical Mysticism

                 The War at the Heart of Kali-yuga

                 To Know is to Serve

                 The TS on Probation

                 We Are All Fragments of the Divine

                 Why Adyar Was Chosen


Facsimiles of some letters included in the book CWL Speaks – C. W. Leadbeater’s Correspondence concerning the 1906 Crisis in the Theosophical Society

The book CWL Speaks was published in February 2018. Copies are available for purchase from Olive Tree Publishing at the following email address:

The Foreword, written by Robert Ellwood, can be read here: Foreword - CWL Speaks

The Introduction to the book CWL Speaks by Pedro Oliveira can be read here:Introduction - CWL Speaks

Dr Elwood is the author of over twenty-five books, ranging from textbooks in religious studies (including Many Peoples, Many Faiths, a popular world religion textbook) to books of religious history (The Fifties Spiritual MarketplaceThe Sixties Spiritual Awakening, and Islands of the Dawn, among others) to inspirational books written from a theosophical perspective (Finding the Quiet MindThe Pilgrim Self, Theosophy: A Modern Expression of the Wisdom of the AgesThe Cross and the GrailFinding Deep JoyFrodo’s Quest). He was a professor of world religions at the University of Southern California for thirty years, from 1967 until his retirement in 1997.

A number of letters from C. W. Leadbeater (CWL) to Annie Besant and others are included in the book. As stated in its Introduction, on page ix, they were obtained from the archives of the Theosophical Society, both at Adyar and in Wheaton. On the same page it is stated that “as time permits, copies of relevant documents which are included in this book will be uploaded onto the CWL World website:”.

Below are links to a number of letters which were included in the book, either partially or in full, in Chapter 1, ‘Early Correspondence with Helen I. Dennis’:

Letter from CWL to Helen Dennis, 28 December 1900

CWL to Helen Dennis Dec 1900 copy

Letter from CWL to Helen Dennis, 6 March 1901 (two parts)

CWL to Dennis March 1901 copy

CWL to Dennis March 1901 II copy 2

Letter from CWL do Robert Dennis (Mrs Dennis’ son), 22 June 1901

CWL to Robyn PDF

Letter from CWL to Helen Dennis, 16 September 1903

CWL to Dennis Sep.1903

Letter from CWL to Helen Dennis, 12 October 1903

CWL to Dennis Oct1903 i

CWL to Dennis Oct1903 ii 2

Letter from CWL to Helen Denis, 22 October 1903

CWL to Dennis 22 Oct1903

Foreword to the book CWL Speaks by Dr Robert Ellwood

A well-known American scholar writes about the cultural context of the crisis the TS found itself in, in 1906.


CWL on Magic

A trained clairvoyant writes about different aspects of magic in the light of Theosophy.

The Catholic and the Puritan Spirit in the TS by Annie Besant

Dr Besant examines opposing tendencies within the TS.

Two Leading Students of Madame Blavatsky Review CWL’s Books

G. R. S. Mead and Bertram Keightley, two of Madame Blavatsky most trusted co-workers, review books by CWL.

Tributes to Colonel Olcott for his Work in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)

The great American pioneer that helped to revive Buddhist education in Ceylon.

Places of Pilgrimage in India by T. Subba Row

An eminent Indian Occultist, highly regarded by Madame Blavatsky, unveils the esoteric side of India’s sacred cities.

H. P. Blavatsky in Tibet

How Madame Blavatsky found her way to the Ashram of her Masters.

CWL, the Mahatma and God

An examination of the famous Letter 10 of  The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett, which attacks both the notion of God and religion, in whatever form, and the acceptance of C. W. Leadbeater, who was still a Clergyman of the Church of England, as a Chela (Disciple) of the Mahatmas.

My First Flight

A clairvoyant describes his impressions on a flight from Toowoomba and Brisbane and his encounter with nature spirits, some of which are not very friendly.

CWL in Brazil: Further Evidence

Academic studies in Brazil have established the key presence of British engineers and workers in the construction of railways from 1858 onwards. Includes a facsimile of a ship manifest documenting the arrival of Charles Leadbeater, his wife and young son in Salvador, Bahia, in 1858.


An article by C. W. Leadbeater, originally published in The Theosophist (December 1910). ‘A talisman is some small object, strongly charged with magnetism for a particular purpose by someone who knows how to do it, and when properly made it continues to radiate this magnetism with unimpaired strength for many years.’

T. Subba Row, CWL and Esoteric Teachings

A historical overview of the work of T. Subba Row at Adyar in the mid-1880s, the arrival of C. W. Leadbeater there and the esoteric instructions by TSR to a select group of students.

There is No Religion Higher than Truth

Views on E. L. Gardner’s criticism of C. W. Leadbeater


C. W. Leadbeater

(Originally published in The Theosophical Review, November 1898.)

A Mahatma’s Visit to a Medium

Compiled by Pedro Oliveira

Violence: The Hidden Side

The psychological roots of violence.

Understanding Violence

Pedro Oliveira

(Originally published in The Theosophist, April 2005)

A Mysterious Manuscript

Johannes van Manen

(Originally published in The Theosophist, January 1911)

Sydney Police Investigates C. W. Leadbeater by Pedro Oliveira

An investigation based on an overseas denunciation by CWL’s archenemy.

The Leadbeaters: Brief Biographical Information by Pedro Oliveira


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